DuMont Venture was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of M. DuMont Schauberg - a leading media corporation based in Germany. DuMont Venture is actively seeking high-growth potential companies in the Digital Media and IT segments, and financially supports the development, market launch, and internationalization of its partners. At DuMont Venture, we're not just a source of financial support, but a valued partner who will work together with you and your staff to ensure your organization's success.

Please note we have founded Capnamic Ventures. From now on we invest in new projects from our Capnamic Fund. Additionally we will take over management of the entire DuMont Venture Portfolio.

The core team remains the same and we will of course treat your information confidentially. For general enquiries please refer to info@capnamic.de and for specific funding enquiries please contact us at deals@capnamic.de . Our website www.capnamic.de is currently under construction.