Investment Criteria

DuMont Venture invests in businesses that can successfully meet the challenges faced in their markets.

Close attention is also paid to the following criteria:

Strong Business Team
We place special importance on a strong entrepreneurial team that is implementing new methods and demonstrates a persuasive business model, and has the stamina and readiness to succeed in the industry. It's also essential that the management team is well-qualified and accomplished. The company should possess industry, technology and commercial know-how and be well-placed to develop and grow quickly.

Company with a competitive Business-Model
DuMont Venture is looking for strong growth potential businesses in an early business phase (Maximum of 10 years since being founded) that have the ability to become leaders in their markets.

Innovative Product(s) with Unique Selling Points
The product should possess a high degree of innovation and have clearly recognizable application to it's target customers. Before entering into a collaboration with DuMont, the product should be well developed and have already received positive market acceptance from its customer base. Ideally, DuMont's participation can be tailored to fit each collaborative effort.

Lucrative Market and High Growth-Potential
The target market should have a high volume and potential for success. Competitive products and technology enable a company to achieve above average revenue growth in these markets and offer attractive exit possibilities.